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Hello Darling bars down in the Hai Ba Trung / Le Thanh Ton area


35 Hai Ba Trung. Small with just a few girls of average to slightly above quality. A balcony level with a pool table where you can get to know the girl better. **

49 Hai Ba Trung. Fairly large bar, long and narrow with a back room, which has a 2nd pool table and where things can be quite cozy. Girls are usually more plentiful and in general a bit cuter than at 35. **

51 Hai Ba Trung. A bit smaller than 49. Better than average selection and quality (more so than 49). This one seems to get new girls more often than most, and the occassional gorgeous one. They also have 2 pool tables, one in back and another on balcony level. ***

91 Hai Ba Trung. This bar is the biggest and has the most girls, and they tend to be prettiest in general, also younger, taller. It is the one bar where things tend to be least cozy, but if your preference is looks over service, this is the one to visit. ****

Saigon NY -- Small bar near the corner of Dong Du and Hai Ba Trung, actually off HBT street. It's very friendly there, and girls are slightly below average in general. They're less pushy and usually more human than most of the bars though -- some girls wear ao dais. There is a pool table upstairs. **


29 Dong Khoi is on the last block before the Majestic Hotel. It has 2 levels and lots of girls, but in terms of looks they're usually nothing special. It is the one bar of all of them that offers the most in terms of customer service. There are couches upstairs and also a little private room in the back. **1/2

49 Dong Khoi is a depressing little bar way in the back and upstairs after walking down a long hallway. The girls are really not very pretty in this one. " "


Thien Loc, corner of Hai Ba Truong and Mac Thi Buoi. Dark interior in this one and the girls tend to be more attentive to customer service. The darkness helps things along. **1/2

Cali is a small bar down Mac Thi Buoi street from Thien Loc. Just a few girls, usually below average in looks. *


Smiley Bar -- Thai Van Lung street at intersection of Cao Ba Quat (where Vasco's used to be). Big bar, selection is slightly below average. Upstairs they have rooms with pool tables. Things get much more entertaining upstairs. **

Up Thai Van Lung, after you cross Le Thanh Ton, there are 2 more bars.

The first one is called just "3" now. Small bar, selection usually below average. " "

On Thai Van Lung near the corner of Le Thanh Ton, at the top of the "hill" is a bar that is now called Chot Nho. Selection and quality here is usually below average. Pool table and sofas in back. *


Quan Nho is a very small bar with just a few girls. Upstairs Japanese style seating areas. *

Bin Bin is next, just across the alley. This bar has second most and second prettiest after 91. Quality of the girls here is quite good, sometimes excellent. It has an upstairs for further entertainment. ***

There is one more bar like this a few doors up Le Thanh Ton, seems to be the sister bar of Bin Bin. I can't remember the name of it. It's medium size, average girls. **

I'd say the top tier of these bars (in terms of likelihood of finding a stunning girl) includes #35, #49, #51 and #91 on HBT, and also Bin Bin on LTT. Middle tier would be the Smiley bar, Thien Loc on HBT and maybe Saigon NY. The rest are in the lower tier. They're usually disappointing with the very occassional surprise. 29 makes up for its shortcomings in other ways, but would probably have to go in the middle tier in terms of looks. Lower tier on a bad night. The bars on Thai Van Lung, I don't even bother with at this point. They're not even trying to get a good selection of girls in those places. One thing I'll say, the bars that don't get as many hot girls also are the wildest ones, and they do occasionally get hot girls. So you strike it lucky when that happens. One of the hottest girls at 91 used to work at Cali for example, and those were nice times when she did. It's always worth taking a peek in to see what they have.

HCM summary guide

Ok folks, the time has come. I contributed a lot in the late 90’s in Thailand and other Asia locations under "Bushtucker man". Time to give not lurk. Herewith my view of Ho Chi Minh City P4P. This review based on 5 trips over the last 6 months.

It’s fucking brilliant. I’m comparing to Bangkok, Manila, KL, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, London, Paris, Las Vegas, LA and many more. Only German FKK comes close. Why? Because the girls are so fresh and inexperienced. Real orgasm’s, real GFE.

The facts. Your options are.

1/ Massage downtown D1 2/ Bar girls 3/ Moto girls 4/ Hot Toc

First up. .

A) If you’re staying 3* or up and are planning action, #1, get yourself your own play room. Best to head over Nguyen Hue and get a hotel away from plain clothes police who hang around Ho Huan Nghiep, Dong Du, Mac Thi Buoi, HBT, Thi Sach and Thai Van Lung – where all the action is. Best safe houses that will give you a fine room for $25-$30 are Luc Phuc at 104 Ky Con and La Dauphin corner Le Thi Hong Gam and Ky Con. Don’t take a girl and do drugs in New Hotel but for a quick bang while your missus isn’t looking it’s fine. Ho Sen are also very accommodating. New Hotel is on Ho Huan Nghiep just off the bottom of DK and Ho Sen is just up from Apocalyspe Now on Thi Sach.

B) Moto’s – these guys all get 50, 000 – 100, 000 kick backs when they take you anywhere and you lowest negotiable price will go up by that and more. See below – hire one of the guys for half/full days – promise a 100, 000 – 200, 000 tip if they treat you good and tell them you know about the kickbacks. If you’re just going for a ‘strike’ – get them to drop you on a corner intersection and walk to your destination from there.

Massage downtown

For a quick fix, Government kickbacks allow Yawara (cnr DK and Dong Du) and Sacha (alley way 50 m up Dong Du from the Sheraton) in particular to offer HJ/BJ to international guests. You will pay but the service is good to world class. Negotiate up front than get your money’s worth. You won’t pay less than 800, 000 and often 1m and they’ll start you at the magic US$100 (1, 600, 000) so don’t wait until she’s got you hard. A 30 minute long slow HJ/BJ with oil very under rated in my book. Other massage places in D1 are mostly legit although some of the girls will give you their number if they like you.

Bar Girls

These girls are different to Thai bar girls. They don’t get anything like the volume of business and are very frequently completely new. Check policy on lady drinks to take a girl out before you do anything. Best from sampling all of them is NY Saigon, followed by Cali. Chieu Thuy is a dump away from the action but has some very choice fresh girls and has backhanders that let them stay open after 1am most nights. It’s the place to end your night. Ny Saigon (on Dong Du) is the only place without lady drink cover and strict no drugs – so if the safest bet for the risk averse. Ms Bao at Cali (on Mac Thi Buoi) will try to get 6, 50, 000 lady drinks. Mr Hi at Chieu Thuy Top of Thai Van Lung Cnr Ly Tu Trong) will try for 8 but will go 6 if you ask up front. If you want in house BJ for 400, 000. #29 at the bottom of DK has a single room for that purpose and #49 and #51 will sometimes oblige and sometimes not. Price to take a girl out is always going to start at US$100 asking – all will go with $50 if you look like you know prices. LT can be got for $75. Not particularly cheap. But oh the quality. 9’s and 10’s to be found.

Each place has it’s own ‘safe house’ and you’ll pay an extra $25 or more for ST and may get hassled. Get your own room before you start.

Bars are not hard to find. As of my last trip there is now a small tourist map on sale in lots of shops and hotels (eg Ho Sen, Apocalyse Now, Linh Hotel) called the MySherpa guide/map. US$6. You can buy it online www.mysherpa. Info. This has all the places marked.

Moto Girls

Head to the bottom of DK. To a man these dudes make their money from girls & drugs. I’ve tried them all. Tam 0907 756 679 has access to dozens. He’ll negotiate down to 500, 000. Quality from 6-8. He is also your man to give you your Hot Toc experience. Don’t give him any money in advance. Most trust worthy, likeable and all round nice guy who will take care of everything for you, is Hiep. Book him for moto tours, and all the action – 200, 000 half day 400, 000 full day will keep him your friend. 0908 133 955. He can get some great girls – 7 – 9.

Hot Toc

Ah the joy. Head out of D1 to crumby places filled with amazing girls who don’t see many westerners. Negotiate this with Hiep or Tam above and they can get you a splendid BJ/HJ for 300, 000 – 400, 000. These girls will also then be delighted to head into D1 to your shag pad in the morning or after work for a very affordable price. On sample of 5 different Hot Toc’s, all were good. If you’re going on your own steam – try Thanh Ngan at 252a Ly Thai To St in D3 Tel 8322 532. My personal favourite is Hong Ngoc at 29/4 Huynh Tan Phat – KP2 – P. Binh Thuan in D7. Just because I think I was the first foreigner they had ever seen and the girls fought over who could ‘do’ me. The enthusiasm of the service was unrivalled. My 18 year girl couldn’t keep the grin off her face and did a very very long BJ with porn star like skill. She came over at 7. 30am the following morning to my hotel and fucked my brains out for an hour before I started work – again 400, 000.


Apocalypse Now

- Thi Sach 2B-2C

Cover charge
- 100.000 VND
- Waved when I walked in after midnight.

Apocalypse Now is a Ho Chi Minh City institution and still draws huge crowds. Plenty of working girls, but demand is still way higher than supply. Many of the girls are over the hill and the overall quality is a few notches lower than at the nearby Hai Ba Trung bars. With similar prices, the bars are the better option...

BTW, if you fancy some white meat, there are plenty of unattached Western girls.


- Mercure Hotel
- Tran Hung Dao 79

Cover charge
- 120.000 VND
- Includes 1 drink.

On a Saturday night, I spotted some real supermodels in Gossip. They were part of the elite...

There was one table with taxi girls on the ground floor. Their pimp approached me on the dance floor. Plenty of working girls were hugging the railing on the 2nd floor. Some of them were real stunners. But the beautiful ones didn’t wanna get with me. They only fuck little pricks! The girls who were willing to go with a white guy weren’t worth bothering with.

For light-skinned Asians, I guess Gossip is the place to go. White guys are likely to leave alone...


- Cong Quynh 148
- Just around the corner from Bui Vien

Cover charge
- None

Being close to the backpacker area, the working girls mainly target white guys. If only they were more beautiful...

Final Words

Walking around Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll spot tons of hot babes. Vietnamese girls are among the prettiest girls in Asia. Sadly, things haven’t changed much over the last decade – high prices and lousy service still prevail. I blame the mamasans...

Compared to neighboring Cambodia, the quality is better, prices are way higher and the service is much worse. Since the demise of K-11, the number of Vietnamese girls in Phnom Penh is dwindling. More and more of the Vietnamese mamasans are targeting the free-spending Chinese punters. For Vietnamese-lovers in Cambodia, things are not looking good...

The Vietnam forums are full of stories and warnings about thieving Vietnamese girls. I heard plenty of tales of fellow travelers getting robbed. A prick on a motorcycle snatched my phone. Vietnam. A nation of thieves!

Hai Ba Trung Bars


When a foreigner walks past the bar, the girls suddenly appear on the sidewalk, drawing the punters in.

Prices in the Hai Ba Trung bars are pretty uniform. My drinks were 25.000 – 30.000 VND. The girl’s drinks were always 50.000 VND. The barfine is 300.000 VND. The girl will set you back 60-100 USD LT.

When you barfine a girl, the doorman calls for a taxi. The girl gets in first. You join her later. The taxis use the meter and won’t overcharge you.


In one bar, a girl warned me about the danger of catching AIDS when kissing a girl. Where did she get that bullshit? In other bars, the girls were French kissing the guy as soon as he bought her a drink. Who told them to do that?

I guess the mamasan is key. If the mamasan is a total c*nt, you can expect her girls to be total starfish. Bars where the mamasan encourages her girls to provide good service is where you wanna be...

35 Bar

- Hai Ba Trung 35

About 10 girls were on duty, including a couple of pretty ones. A curly-haired beauty wanted a tip for a simple smile, but was quick to sit with some Korean prick...

49 Bar

- Hai Ba Trung 49

The 49 Bar had the best selection at the time of my visit. The girl I talked to (Phuong) was a total babe, but had starfish written all over her...

51 Bar

- Hai Ba Trung 51

The 51 bar had a good selection, without any stunners. With a group of Japanese in the house, the girls showed no interest in this white guy...

91 Bar

- Hai Ba Trung 91

The 91 Bar had a large selection, with a few beauties. They were more interested in playing cards...

Cafe 29 (U2 Bar)

- Dong Khoi 29

Formerly known as U2 Bar, Cafe 29’s main claim to fame is that the girls will give you a BBBJCIM for 300.000 VND. But the upstairs rooms better be dark, as the girls aren’t exactly beautiful.

Cafe 49

- Dong Khoi 49

This small bar only had a handful of girls, none of which were attractive.

Thien Loc (Corner Bar)

- Corner of Mac Thi Buoi and Hai Ba Trung

As soon as a customer buys a girl a drink, she’ll stick her tongue down his throat. I bet the mamasan makes a helluva lot more money than the cunts from the other bars. With a great selection, Thien Loc aka the Corner Bar is the place to go in Ho Chi Minh City!

Thuy was both the top looker and the top performer in Ho Chi Minh City. An absolute gem!


- Mac Thi Buoi

Thien Loc’s sister bar has a smaller selection, but the same business model. Definitely worth a visit!

Lieu was inexperienced, but sweet as honey and horny as hell. Another real winner!

NY Saigon

- Dong Du

No top beauties, but a decent enough selection. The mamasan was able to find me 1 girl who would allow French kissing.

Pham Ngu Lao Bars

Allez Boo


Go2 Bar

- De Tham 187
- Corner of De Tham & Bui Vien

This extremely popular corner bar features a few freelancers at night. Backpackers hit on the girls, and are often surprised they carry a price tag. Maybe those naive backpacker types think the girls like handsome young foreigners. Go to Thailand, dudes! Vietnamese girls only like money!

BTW, be sure to check your bill and make sure you get your change. The waiters are crooks!

Guns ‘n Roses

- Pham Ngu Lao
- Just around the corner from De Tham

Guns ‘n Roses is supposed to be a late night place to meet freelancers, but it was deserted every time I walked past. Guess I was never late enough...

Li Li Bar

- Bui Vien

Li Li is a Hai Ba Trung-style hostess bar. The selection was a notch below the better Hai Ba Trung bars, but the good news is that My started French kissing me when I bought her a drink...


- Bui Vien

This small hostess bar only had 4 girls when I peeked inside. None of them were pretty.

Seventeen Saloon

-103A Phạm Ngũ Lão, Q1, TP.HCM

Cool western themed bar with live music and lots of cute hostesses. Pricey but good english music. Performers will come over and sing with you if they like you. Can request songs if you like. Quite easy to ask hostesses to hang out with you

Other Bars

Some of the other bars on De Tham St occasionally offer freelancers. I was approached by a few girls, but none of them tickled my fancy.