Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hai Ba Trung Bars


When a foreigner walks past the bar, the girls suddenly appear on the sidewalk, drawing the punters in.

Prices in the Hai Ba Trung bars are pretty uniform. My drinks were 25.000 – 30.000 VND. The girl’s drinks were always 50.000 VND. The barfine is 300.000 VND. The girl will set you back 60-100 USD LT.

When you barfine a girl, the doorman calls for a taxi. The girl gets in first. You join her later. The taxis use the meter and won’t overcharge you.


In one bar, a girl warned me about the danger of catching AIDS when kissing a girl. Where did she get that bullshit? In other bars, the girls were French kissing the guy as soon as he bought her a drink. Who told them to do that?

I guess the mamasan is key. If the mamasan is a total c*nt, you can expect her girls to be total starfish. Bars where the mamasan encourages her girls to provide good service is where you wanna be...

35 Bar

- Hai Ba Trung 35

About 10 girls were on duty, including a couple of pretty ones. A curly-haired beauty wanted a tip for a simple smile, but was quick to sit with some Korean prick...

49 Bar

- Hai Ba Trung 49

The 49 Bar had the best selection at the time of my visit. The girl I talked to (Phuong) was a total babe, but had starfish written all over her...

51 Bar

- Hai Ba Trung 51

The 51 bar had a good selection, without any stunners. With a group of Japanese in the house, the girls showed no interest in this white guy...

91 Bar

- Hai Ba Trung 91

The 91 Bar had a large selection, with a few beauties. They were more interested in playing cards...

Cafe 29 (U2 Bar)

- Dong Khoi 29

Formerly known as U2 Bar, Cafe 29’s main claim to fame is that the girls will give you a BBBJCIM for 300.000 VND. But the upstairs rooms better be dark, as the girls aren’t exactly beautiful.

Cafe 49

- Dong Khoi 49

This small bar only had a handful of girls, none of which were attractive.

Thien Loc (Corner Bar)

- Corner of Mac Thi Buoi and Hai Ba Trung

As soon as a customer buys a girl a drink, she’ll stick her tongue down his throat. I bet the mamasan makes a helluva lot more money than the cunts from the other bars. With a great selection, Thien Loc aka the Corner Bar is the place to go in Ho Chi Minh City!

Thuy was both the top looker and the top performer in Ho Chi Minh City. An absolute gem!


- Mac Thi Buoi

Thien Loc’s sister bar has a smaller selection, but the same business model. Definitely worth a visit!

Lieu was inexperienced, but sweet as honey and horny as hell. Another real winner!

NY Saigon

- Dong Du

No top beauties, but a decent enough selection. The mamasan was able to find me 1 girl who would allow French kissing.

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